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I was very touched by Ann's story in Guideposts Sept. 2006. Although we knew no one personally in the 911 attack, our hearts grieve with the families who suffered so much. Hearing the families' stories reminds us to NEVER FORGET the precious lives lost that day. Our prayers will be with you in the coming days. Thanks for continuing to share your story.

(Later that day)

Wow - earlier this morning I sent a memorial message but I have since had time to browse your website and tribute to your daughter, Ann. What a fabulous job you did raising such an incredible daughter. This month my 5 year old daughter started Kindergarten and I can only hope to do such a wonderful job with her as you have done. I want to treasure these beautiful moments with both my daughter and son (age 3).....for we truly do not know when each day might be our last. I have e-mailed many of my friends to alert them to this website. Your daughter will be an inspiration to many. May we never forget.......