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I didn't know Ann but, I read the article about her in Cosmo's Sept 6 issue. The funny thing is I rarely buy this magazine. I bought it this night because I was bored and I wanted something useless to read. The funny this is I'm glad I did because it brought me to Ann's story. After reading the article I was intrigued by her and her goals; it also made me go online to your website in memory of her.

I didn't know anyone personally attacked in the towers but as the stories and poems expressed on this website is that you don't have to know anyone personally for it to hurt. I can't express my feelings because words can't describe them. All I do know though is that your daughter's memory along with all the other lives lost will forever be in my heart and make me never regret anything I do or any goal I set for myself.

Life is to short. Take the days of good and bad and enjoy them for what their worth.

As my mom and I always say: Love you more than all the sand particles in the world!

God Bless America