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I saw the evening news tonight about your only daughter Ann. I was so touched by your story and your strength. My only child, Alicia, was tragically killed in a senseless hiking accident on July 22 this summer. She was 26 and her birthday was the following week. I share the grief of your loss. Our daughters were so similar. Alicia was just short of finishing her PhD in mathematics at University of Colorado at Boulder. She was an exceptional golfer and musician...but most of all she was an exceptional friend and daughter.

My grief is overwhelming. I have no one else in the world now. I hope to find courage in YOUR strength. I have not yet looked at her computer...but some day I will. Please visit my daughter's website: www.aliciagolembeski.com. We have both suffered a terrible loss. Maybe you can help me find some purpose for the rest of my life. Thank you for just listening to me.

Lana Golembeski