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Some of you know my story of 9/11, others don’t. Ann Nelson, my girlfriend at the time, was working for Cantor Fitzgerald on the 104th floor of WTC1. Ann along with 658 other Cantor employees were trapped and did not make it out that day. I happened to be visiting Ann at the time some 20 blocks north of the WTC. I’ll never forget that day.

In March Ann’s mom turned on Ann’s laptop computer that had been sitting idle for four and a half years. On the computer Jenette found a list of goals and betterments Ann was striving to complete. This list was picked up by the NY Times and the story below ran on May 17, 2006, Ann’s birthday. Since the NY Times publication several other publications have picked up the story. Attached is this months Cosmopolitan’s article. Recently the Ellen TV show interviewed Gary and Jenette and will be airing this show on 9/11 at 3:00 CT. The CBS national news also interviewed Ann’s parents and they will be showing the segment during the Saturday evening broadcast of the national news, I believe 5:00 CT.

This list reminds me of how short life can be. You might not get a tomorrow to do what you can today. Too often we get “too busy” and miss the important parts of life.

On this five year anniversary I will be in New York with Ann’s father as I have been the last four years. I have been selected to read names at the services which I feel honored to do.

We created a website for the memory of Ann. It actually started as our communication tool on 9/11 with all the phone lines being tied up. It’s evolved into the site below:


Thank you for sharing your time and remembering one individual out of the 3000 lives that were lost on 9/11.