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On September 11, 2001,
Rocked, was America's pride.
For, on that day, 5 years ago,
It can be said, the eagle cried.

Why, you might ask, should America
Be a target to be attacked?
Could it be, at least in part,
On account of a well-known fact?

As supporters of the Jewish state,
Israel, by name,
We're hated by the Arabs,
Who hate Israel just the same.

Those Arabs, in their angst,
While leaving Israel abhorred,
Carry out their acts of terror,
And, thereby, mock the Lord.

But, the Lord said He would not be mocked,
And, Israel, He said He would bless,
And whoever would, in turn, bless her,
Would receive the Lord's largesse.

And, also, whoever would deplore
That nation as accursed,
He, God, would also hate,
And cause to be accursed.

It is not becoming, then,
To mistreat our Jewish friends,
For, through them, it was God's very plan
To achieve His lofty ends.

Salvation was to come through the Jews,
Abraham's cherished seed.
And, that salvation was intended
To be for all, indeed.

So, if any has hard feelings
For those ones which God elected,
They'll find themselves looking
In a mirror where curses are reflected.

And, the curses will fall back on them,
All because, Israel, they did not esteem.
For, you see, Israel, was that conduit
Through which God could retain His dream.

--John E. Swedlund
Minot, ND