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Posted by Jodi Bergman on October 25, 2001 at 12:10:34:

I met Ann about 8 years ago when she was working at Dain Bosworth
in Minneapolis. We were both learning the business and I was on one
on my first trips from New York. I felt a connection to her because
we were both young women in the business (however, she was so much more
confident than me and I admired her). Over the years we spoke on and
off as we focused on different products.

When Ann moved to Chicago and I came back to work from maternity leave,
we became much closer. I started selling agencies and Ann was my first
call every day. She made me a better salesperson because I felt challenged
every morning to call her with the best information I could provide. When
she called me to say she was leaving the business, I was excited, jealous
and devastated all at once. What would I do every day? I found myself
turning to my colleague at least once a week and saying "I miss Ann". I
would get updates on her adventures from a mutual friend.

When I heard Ann moved to New York I was so excited. I called her and we
immediately made plans to go out after work one night and get a drink. We
met at a trendy bar and one drink turned into 3 hours of talking about
everything. She wasn't a customer anymore but I could tell that she was
going to be a great friend. The next day we both came into work and made
plans for the next time we could meet. We met about a month or so later
at a little Italian restaurant in SoHo. Once again we talked for hours
about everything. Then I went on maternity leave.

I came back to work right after Labor Day and called Ann. Her first comment
was "I bought a present for the baby, when are we getting together?" We
made plans for the end of September and I couldn't wait to see her again.
She was so easy to talk to and I loved to spend time with her. I miss her.