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With man, God said His Spirit
would not forever strive,
And I cannot say I blame Him.
Oh, if you only knew the God we have,
You'd, more than anything, want to claim Him!

He said those words after the fall,
When sin, of Man, became a part.
And, it's true that Man is sinful,
For various forms of evil lurk within Man's heart.

Yes, this world is a vile place;
The enemy has made it so.
And, it will be a blessing for each of us
When, home, we finally go.

You see, this world is not our home;
It never, never could be.
We were destined for a grander place,
Where, our Creator, we will see.

And, when we're finally out of here,
With our Father, we can romp and roam.
And a still, small voice within us
Will murmur, "There's no place like home."

--John E. Swedlund