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Hello my name is Kyla and I am from a small town in Illinois.
I just watched the Ellen Show and heard your daughters story. I instantly ran into the other room and found the Cosmopolitan Magazene to read the story there. I just wanted to tell you that the story is absolutley beautiful!

What a beautiful woman Ann was...on the inside and the out! Her life list is an inspiration to me. I have been going through some rough times in my life lately...the loss of my loved grandfather, a break up, and falling out with some dear friends have really made me qestion if I am doing the right things in life... I am just starting college and i have a birthday coming up....and I feel that this time in my life is good for me to make some changes.

The list that Ann made has many goals that I too would like to reach in my life. I wrote my list today and I cant wait to begin....

Please know that you are changing lives! and please continue to share Ann's beautiful story!
THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your story!
GOD BLESS you forever and always...and may he be with you and give you peace!

thanks so much again!
~*Kyla Ballschmiede*~