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Dearest Annie,

You don't know me but from what I know about you I'd say you are a person who loved meeting new people, so add another name to that list - Me, a new person and a possible friend.

Annie, I hope you know what you have meant to people who love you and think about you often but also how much you have the admiration of people you never met.
We all like to think that we shall be remembered and not merely recalled after leaving this world. But we forget that in order for that to happen we need to leave behind something worth remembering, worth celebrating. And you did that. Your life list has travelled the world and inspired others to live the life they were meant to live, that they dreamed of living. I know you have done that for me. And I will carry you and your lesson in my heart not just today but everyday. You will live on because everywhere people who worked out a life list after reading yours will take you with them as they go about fulfilling theirs.

Your journey hasnt ended because you are no longer here in person, it begins everytime someone reads your story and sits down to write their own.

All my love now and always

Aditi Sodhi
Mississauga, Canada

P.S : My thoughts and prayers will be with you, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson, today and for all the days to follow.