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I am watching Ellen right now in Atlanta, Georgia and I have always written stuff down and crossed them off and it feels so good. 9 years ago when we bought our home, I wrote a list of things that I wanted to change and/or add to our home and finally the list is almost all crossed off. It's funny how I forgot that I showed my cousin the list and the other week when she was over, she laughed and said, "Man, you have done everything to your home that was on that list you wrote when you first moved in more than 9 years ago."

I had forgotten that I showed her because I was kinda ashamed to show people. Our home was built from the ground up, so why in the world would someone want to change or add to a brand new house? I was kinda living in a dream world and I wanted a mini mansion and I finally have exactly what I always dreamed of at a fraction of the price.

Ann's life list has truly inspired me to create a list like hers just for ME!!"

Thanks for having such a great person in your life for as long as GOD allowed her to be here.