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I had a surprising connection with Ann Nicole today September 19th 2006.

I was planting blueberry plants in my garden. I kept on thinking about Ann Nicole. I never watch news. With 3 small boys I watch only Nicklodeon at home. I was wondering why I am thinking about Ann Nicole. I have clairvoyance and usually I pay attention to new messages. So I went and looked on internet for news for Ann Nicole (Smith) assuming this is the girl who is the celebrity who had a tragedy in her family recently.

I was touched to come across Ann Nicole Nelson and her list.

I decided to honor her memories by planting one blue berry plant for each of her wish so I have made so far 35 plants with her wishes on a sticky note. I will upgrade with to weather proof paper.

I will send some pictures of these plants later.

Best wishes and pass this message to her family members.

Vasu Brown