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I don't know if you would want to put this on your Site about your daughter, but I wrote this in July, 2002. I remember where I was on 9/11/01; I had just started a new job and we didn't have TV in our office, but we all had radios.

I began to cry for all those poor people and couldn't stop. My supervisor offered to let me go home, but I knew it would be worse there, all alone. I still don't know how myself and all my co-workers got through that day.

Back in 1959-1960 I lived in Teheran, Iran for 18 months. The Iranians didn't like the US (government) even back then. They didn't like England either, BUT they respected England---when they saw Americans or our flag, all they saw was BIG $$$$ signs1

But most of the people liked US citizens and I had many friends. Now, I often wonder what happened to my friends and their families.

I loved your poems and your tribute to your daughter. Your family was very, very lucky to have such a wonderful daughter. And, you still have her, in a way.

I have one daughter and five sons. My daughter is 42 now and hasn't spoken to me or seen me in 5 years AND I DON'T KNOW WHY!! Your family had a wonderful relationship with your daughter---sorry, but I envy you! Your daughter's love and wonderful memories live in your heart. It's as if I never had a daughter!

God bless you, your family and all who knew and loved your wonderful Annie,

Nita --- A Stranger

My Red White And Blue Heart

I wrote this on July 4th, 2002.

Since I wrote it, I have noticed that all the "proud" terrorists that march, kill, send horrible, ugly messages or pictures are ALL covering their faces. If they are so proud of what they are doing, why not show their faces?

What do you think---Are terrorists cowardly or not? Why hide their faces? If there is honor in committing their "brave" acts against people that are tied up and fearing for their lives while the terrorists hide their faces?

U.S. stands for US---We, the American People, and no matter how many buildings, landmarks or symbols of our country, regardless of how much they mean to US, are brought down, we will always stand tall and proud.

We love Peace and Freedom! We want Peace and Freedom! For over two centuries our people have fought and died, here on our own soil and all over the world, for Peace and Freedom!

Peace, Justice and the Free Will to say and do what is right for each individual, as long as we harm no other living soul---these are the things we love, cherish, fight and, when necessary, die for. Our way of life---our Peace and Freedom---are what some of the people in the world envy and want to destroy. And, it's just our way of life that makes it possible for them to take advantage of US. It's what makes it so easy for them to commit their cowardly acts on our country and our people.

The government of the U.S. even makes it possible for the cowards and illegal aliens in this country to have "rights". We give them the Freedom and Free Will to move about and say things about our country and government that they would be killed for if the criticized their own governments. Even citizens of the U.S. do and say things about their own country that should and would be considered "treason" if it were not for the Constitution of the United States. They abuse their rights as citizens!

"Love It or Leave It" should be enforced in this country. If you don't like it and won't try to make it better the legal way, then leave. But, those people that criticize our way of life won't ever leave because they are not stupid---they know they will never have it as good anywhere else and could never get away with what they get away with here if they lived in a foreign country. Going to jail, or being shot or hung is not what they want!

It's not just for ourselves and our citizens that we want Freedom and Free Will---it's for people everywhere---whether they know the meaning of Freedom or not. Whether they have ever experienced Freedom or have just read about it; whether it's a right that has been taken away from them and they just remember in dreams---Under God, whatever God they may worship, it is each of our Right as Human Beings and members of the world-wide Society of Humanity.

Our youngest, brightest, bravest and most dedicated people, hero's all have fought and died for these rights for all people all over the world, whether they appreciate it or not.

Sometimes these hero's have been ridiculed, spat at, tortured and killed for what they have fought for---and not always just by our enemies. Sometimes some of US, the ones they fight to protect, have inflicted some of the worst pain, not just by their actions and words, but just because they ARE US!!

Now, with September 11, 2001, in the past and a sad, honored memory, a Touchstone for our Freedom, Liberty and Way of Life and a re-awakening of our national pride, we have discovered that heroes are not just members of our Armed Forces that have protected, fought and died for all of us over the last 227 years. Heroes come in all shapes, sizes, colors, nationalities, sex, way of life and way of dressing! We have discovered that, in certain circumstances, we all are heroes!

Some are "closet heroes"---doing wonderful, kind, brave things and expecting and wanting no manner of recognition, praise or reward. "Doing a job" is reward enough! Being in the right place at the right time and doing "the right thing" is what people do and would expect others to do if the situation were reversed.

Being "brave" is not being without fear. Being brave is having the good sense to have fear and doing what needs to be done in spite of it.

We are US, Citizens of the United States of America and we are not stupid enough to be without fear of the lower forms of life called "terrorists". However, the terrorists are the cowards--they are the ones that chose the coward's way out by killing themselves. And they are the biggest cowards because they are afraid to go alone---they must take innocent people with them!

I've been told they think they will go to Nirvana (their version of heaven) because they have killed their enemies. More fools they! All that awaits them is a Hell of their own making---no good comes to anyone that harms another. Their own souls, and yes, Virginia, they do have souls although you wouldn't think it by the awful things they do. Their own souls enforce the justice each of us knows deep within us; the justice we cannot escape no matter what; that justice is what awaits them. No wonderful places with unlimited pleasure, no matter what they regard as "pleasure"---just justice for taking another human life. And it will be bitter, painful and completely justified!

It takes courage, and bravery to live and try to right the things each of us may think is wrong. And to do it without doing anyone harm.

The fact that we may all "fear" the unknown; what or who will be the next target? Will a loved one or I be there and lose more of our peace of mind, our freedom, our lives? No one knows. All we can do is pray, put our faith in our leaders---such as they are, our police, our firemen, and whatever God we pray to---and "KEEP LIVING OUR LIVES AS THE BRAVE, COMMITTED PEOPLE OF THE U.S.---US!!!

We are Americans and everytime we fly, shop, go to a movie, restaurant, concert, take a train, bus or plane, go to church or visit another part of our own great country or another country---EVERYTIME we do any or all of these things, we tell the cowardly terrorists that they are not worth the dirt we walk on, the dirt that makes up the land we live, love, laugh and pray on! They are "dust" and they will be dust under the feet of thousands of our children and grandchildren who will STILL be US and living in Freedom, Peace and still singing "God Bless America"!!!