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It's been five of the longest years of my life. Until the age of we both held out hope that our Birthday wishes of a sister would come true...we had to wait for a while but on May 29' 1993 our wishes came true when I married your big brother Scott. The way I figure the wait was so long, I ended up with the best one possible! Sweet kind, considerate and the funniest person to be around. Today our little Brittany turned 17 and oh Annie I wish you could be hear to see her. She reminds me so much of you in word thought and deed.You worried once that you felt our children loved you more than their parents because you could sweep in, give them all kinds of attention. spoil them rotten and then leave. The truth was that yes, you were loved just as much if not more for the simple reason of who you were and what you stood for.......just a whole lot of unconditional love...plain and simple. I felt it an honor that our children were also your children, unconditionally and with absolutely no strings attached. Thank you for being the greatest sister one could ever ask for and for being the best "Other Mother" ever created for those 5 spectacular children. You are in our hearts and in our minds continually.....So Ann....until we meet again ,

All our Love until Eternity