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I was a CEO for 20 years at The World Trade Center, Tower 1, on the 55th floor; 1981-2001.

As a Carleton grad '75, I already know what Ann was made of, a heart for the world and the eyes to see it–– although I did not know her.

How much the world needs more like Ann to make us see each other.

Having launched and developed food projects from the World Trade Center into Saudi Arabia www.almarai.com and now directing medical investments into this vestigial remains of the oldest part of western civilization, the bread basket of Mesapotamia, I can only pray that we carry out our lives as Ann clearly and brightly as she did.

What ligbt in her eyes in her photo in the Carleton Voice! She could be my sister; no, no: she IS my sister.

Give Thanks. Take Care.
Mary A. M. Puff