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Dear Mr and Mrs Nelson,

I am Virginia van der Wel from The Netherlands. Today Ellen Degeneres talkshow "Ellen" was aired on the Dutch television. I heard Ann's story and I just tought: “wow, what a person”

When I was going to her lifelist, I realised how many simlarities there are between Ann and me. I had to laugh at the things on her list, like “learn about wine”...how many times I sat in a restaurant ordering wine, but not having a clue what to order, seemed very familar to me.

The first thing I thought about doing after hearing Ann story is making a life list of my own, I realised after hearing Ann's story that I am still able to do the thing I am writing on my list!

I can imagine that knowing Ann's story has touched so many lives to people over the world, gives her family comfort. They must be so proud of her!

Lots of love,

Virginia van der Wel

from Breda in The Netherlands