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Hello Jenette,

Like you I teach in the Midwest. I have little time to pleasure read
during the school year so I catch up with it in the summer. Tonight I
read your story from my Guideposts magazine. The picture of Ann is
absolutely beautiful. Looking at it one can see the passion she had
in her life. Her glowing smile says it all. My heart went out to you
as I read your story. I will pray for you and your family. I thank
you for sharing your story. Life is many things: challenging,
difficult, joyous, scary, etc…..
I was quite moved by the goals list Ann had begun and I loved your
interpretation of the lesson there. It is the everyday things we take
for granted that matter most. Life does indeed need to be lived
moving forward. Thank you for that reminder. At times it is easy to
get stuck and to dwell on things of the past that cannot be changed.
Worse is when that focus pulls one’s disposition down. You and Ann
made a difference in my life today and have reminded me of what is
really important. Ann truly is home with Our Father.

With gratitude and prayers,
Lisa S.