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To Anne's friends and family -

I've been meaning to send the attached to you for a while but have been wanting to write an explanation of the symbolism in it to go along with the pic. I still haven't gotten around to the explanation part but thought that I better send you the picture and maybe that will spur me onto writing the explanation.

Anyway, the attached is a painting I did about a year ago. I wasn't sure where I was going with it initially but then things started to take shape and everything seemed to fall into place.

I want to Wayland with Anne - Class of '89 as well. I was a 'townie' - i.e. lived in Beaver Dam and not in the dorms. We were in a lot of the same classes and we were actually both part of the group of the 4 juniors that got to carry the flags during the graduation ceremony in 1988. We both took physics our junior year and then she was smart and dropped it her senior year - unfortunately I did not and so it was just Heather Tietz and me my senior year.

Nowadays, I'm an attorney down in TX (corp. & securities) with a family of my own - 3 sons (9, 9 and 5) and a new born daughter (born September 9). I just wanted to let you know that Anne and I were friends at Wayland and I always felt that we clicked well, not in a boyfriend-girlfriend sort of way but more in a brother-sister sort of way. I didn't find out that she died in the attacks until a few months after but it really hit me hard when I did learn about it. I felt it was interesting to also learn that she ended up in bond trading and I ended up doing corp. securities work doing public (and private) bond deals. I thought to myself that it was easy to picture her and I in New York at the printers hammering out the final prospectus/offering memo on a deal - and then heading out for a nice greasy burger or slice of pizza - because I fell/felt that although she and I both like what we do, we do not necessarily always enjoy some of the other things that go with our jobs - i.e. fancy dinners in fancy restaurants. Annie always seemed down to earth (as am I) and could generally be counted on to choose the burger over the filet mignon on most days.

I hope that at least some of this makes sense and hopefully I can send ya'll (fyi - that's 'Texan') a better explanation of the painting in the near future - but at least you can see it now. Please also know that I think of Anne often, especially with the current political climate. She was good and they were bad - seems pretty simple to me. The longer I live the more I see/realize that things happen for a reason - unfortunately we don't always find out what that reason is right away - however I firmly believe that Anne's death/murder occurred for a reason, even though that reason is not yet clear.

I love the memorial/tribute web page - please keep up the good work. Please also feel free to contact me with any questions/thoughts - thanks.

Best wishes,
Anthony Pflum - Wayland Academy - Class of '89