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Dear friends,
I am writing to let you know how much your letters and E-mails have meant to me and the other members of Ann's family. I check her web site everyday I can get my computer to work. ( I just got it fixed 2 days ago) .

Our new home at the lake is nearly finished and I have spent the summer up here working on it. Most of Ann's things have been in storage until this summer when her uncle Gordie hauled them up here for me to unpack. It's been a time of remembering the past for me as I sort through her clothes, books, artwork and other things. I am trying to write about the experience. Right now I have a load of her T-shirts in the washing machine. Most of them have the name of a place where she visited on the front--Wisconsin Apple Festival-Vail etc. Ann has her own room at the lake where I am putting all her things. It is used as a guest room.
Her computer has quit. I hope to get it fixed, if possible. Thank goodness and her uncle John we got it backed up shortly before it quit.

I should write to so many people but I only seem to have enough energy to upack about 1 box of
Ann's things each day and write about 2-3 pages a week. Please accept this note as a poor substitute until I can do better.

I have a new E-mail at the lake: gsnelson@srt.com. Please keep writing as it means so much to us.