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Dearest Annie,
Today marks the 9th anniversay of that terrible day when the evil forces of hate and violence took you from this world.
For us that was the day when smiles and laughter turned to despair and tears and yet somehow we had to live on.

Since I believe we have come to this life to learn from the experiences that we face, I ask myself what have I learned from this.
I have learned that God, and only God, must reap vengence.
I have learned that human beings must pursue ways of love and forgiveness.
I have learned that the systems of operation that govern our world today are inadequate and that we all must strive to do better.
I have learned that we must not dwell on our losses, but we must rather maximize our opportunities, for life is short.
I have learned that though the spirit leaves the physical body, it lives on and comforts and sustains those that it loves.
I have learned that nothing can separate you from me, my dearest love.