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Dear Wilson,

I want to thank you and those who helped you make the U-tube presentation about our only daughter,Ann, who was working on the 104th floor of the world trade center on 911.
I was struck by the sensitivity and talent that created this piece to say nothing about the kindness and generosity that motivated you do this on the 10th anniversary of her death.
I remember you as a leader of our high school class,Wilson, and it touched my heart to see you resume that role in comforting my loss.

Your song had a hauntingly beautiful quality to it that expressed the sorrow that I feel and at the same time soothed it. It felt as if you shared my mourning.

The images that you sought out and selected for the visual part of the presentation told her story succinctly and movingly. I have rarely experienced such harmony between visual and auditory output as I did with your song and her story. Each enhanced the other, creating a beautiful synergy.

Mr. Slater and his staff certainly have a talent for what they do. Their use of all the elements and principles of design created a very powerful piece. I felt the music was especially appropriate, and the editing was flawless. Since I do not know how to reach them personally, I hope you will share my sentiments with them for me.

By now this U-tube address has been sent to people from coast to coast. The responses that I have received are glowingly full of praise.
I hope that they will share their thoughts and comments on the Internet, but I was not able to
get through with mine. I will keep trying.

With a grateful heart,
(Annie's Mom)