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Still no memorial speech- I promise, it's coming

Posted by Suki on December 18, 2001 at 14:29:27:

Hello Nelsons,

I know I still need to put my speech from Ann's services up on this board but I never wrote a word of that speech down on paper and have not had the heart to transcribe what I said from the video tapes, so bear with me. I will get it up yet, I promise.

One thing I did come across recently was a journal entry I once wrote about Ann right after our summer together in Cambridge. I do remember loving Ann from our first conversation together, feeling so elated that I got to know her, knowing that I had found a friend for life. It is really too long and poorly written to put it all up here, but my opening line in the entry pretty much summed it all up. "I love Ann so much," it read, and continues on to describe what a refereshing, considerate, true friend she is. In the end I wrote "She is a really special girl. Sometimes I feel we were cut from the same blueprint, only she came out so well and I have so many faults. I admire her so much, it is amazing. I only wish we could be transported to those pubs one more time...
And we will, while we're still young." I guess I will always have to settle for the great days she and I got in Minneapolis and New York together.

My thoughts are always with Ann, with you, with Eric, with all Ann's friends that miss her. I miss her too.