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Hello Nelsons,

I know I just spoke with you both on the phone and I know Gary is coming out to visit here in a couple of days, but I wanted to pop on to tell you 'hi' and let you know that I visit Ann's websites often and ready all your beautiful poems, Jenette.

I also think I told you this, but Sethina Watson came down from Oxford to spend a night with me when I was in London last month and I switched hotels for her stay because I wanted to stay at a more lively hotel for a while and it just happened that the hotel I picked was right across the street from the pub Ann and all of us went to when we were in Cambridge togetherm the Salisbury. I had always sort of wondered where that pub was and although I knew the vicinity it was in, I was never able to find it until I picked that hotel. How funny to stumble across it just as Sethina was coming to see me! We sat in that pub and talked about Ann for a long time. It was very super. She is still so alive to me and sometimes that makes it much sadder for me but I am so happy I can still hear her voice, feel her touch, know what she might say in situations.

See you in May, Jenette. See you Saturday, Gary.

Much Love,