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Posted by Mel Johnson ( on October 12, 2001 at 12:35:59:

While I can't think of any big event stories, I'd like to share a couple of everyday moments with my Annie.

For some reason, I keep thinking about how I drug Ann to cheerleading camp one year. Annie and I had been going to Norwegian camp together for a few years, so I figured a little begging could talk her into yet another summer camp. I talked her into going, and the camp was a complete disaster. Annie stayed in our room for most of it. She never made me feel bad for dragging her there even though it was every bit as miserable as she knew it would be, and she never said "I told you so." There was a significant amount of teasing, but all good natured.

Her mischievous streak also got us into trouble at times. One Metigoshe weekend Annie decided we had to go visit the Bottineau ski hill. There were no cars available except a very old work truck of my dad's that only ran occasionally. I had been told not to drive it, but Annie pointed out it was only 10 miles, and we would be back long before anyone noticed. We made it about 6 before the engine blew. Apparently the truck went through more oil than gas. As we waited for someone to come rescue us, I sat crying- worried about what dad would do (this was the second pickup I had killed, not to mention a couple large dents in other vehicles). My big cousin (3 months older) knew exactly what to say to get me giggling instead. We decided she would have to do the driving after that.

Annie's heart of gold, mischievous grin, and special insight always had the ability to make any situation better, and quickly turn tears into giggles.

I miss you Annie- thank you for everything.