The Souls of Innocents

Posted by Jenette Nelson on February 04, 2002 at 07:22:05:

The Souls of Innocents
Jenette Nelson
Mother of Ann Nicole Nelson
Who was loot in the WTC 9-11-01
written 12-26-01 at 5:37 A.M.

Some of lifeís experiences
deeply scar the soul.
So deeply even Godís own Angels
must pray to make it whole.

They must nurture and revive it
through long and loving care-
for the scar- it is so crippling-
it is difficult to repair.

We like to think its easy
for the Angels all the time,
but they,too, have their trials
as they seek to right some crime.

Some crimes against the innocent
are especially hard to bear.
They scar the soul so deeply
that it needs much loving care.

It needs to rest and languish-
to hear the Angels sing
to recover from its anguish
the soul must meet the King.

It must hear his words of comfort,
It must feel his healing touch.
It must know heís still the ruler
and he will always love us much.

For sometimes its hard to see
his hand in all this pain.
Sometimes its hard to know
he still lives and will conquer terrorís reign.

Sometimes we need reminding
he is still upon his throne.
His heart is with the innocent.
He guides their journey home.

He will protect their beauty
He will lift their souls up high
He will not let the ashes claim them
He will not let them die.

For the soul is where our loved one lives
The soul is where they dwell.
The soul is with its maker now.
The bodyís but a shell.

Even though some of lifeís experiences
may seem to scar the soul
Trust that God and all his Angels
wonít stop until it is made whole.


They will comfort and revive it.
They will give much needed rest.
For they know the souls of innocents
represent our very best.