Stay My Child

Posted by Jenette Nelson on April 03, 2002 at 02:12:30:

Stay My Child
Jenette Nelson,
Mother of Ann Nicole Nelson
Stay with me,my child,stay-
Donít leave my arms to run and play.
Let me stroke your soft brown hair
As we gently sway our rocking chair.

Letís hum and coo as the time goes by,
letís watch the clouds drift through the sky.
Let me kiss your smooth pink cheek
As from your blanket you do peek.

Stay my child, stay with me-
linger near about my knee-
Play with your toys and smile alot
Enjoy yourself, but leave me not.

For far too soon lifeís cares will call
and you will answer one and all-
You will run to meet each new day,
but for now -stay, please stay.

Our time is short,but our love is strong,
to be together canít be wrong-
Letís shut the world out now today.
Stay with me child, stay.

Fate will tear us soon apart-
It will break your Motherís heart
For it will take you to the other side,
leaving me here,- wishing I had died.

Yes, fate will take you far from me-
into the clouds for eternity.
When it calls, you must go
I must stay -here below.

You will fly away from me-
I will mourn eternally.
Until my time of death comes too-
and I can again be with you.

When we have both fought our fight
and entered into the the great White Light,
then I can finally really say-
stay with me , my child ,stay.