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My husband Mark and I knew Annie during her time in New York. Annie was the "new guy" covering his firm for Cantor. Mark would have business dinners or events and see Annie. He spent a day at the US Open with her last year. He always mentioned how friendly, intelligent and fun Annie was. She had a tough job and her great personality was an asset.

I was lucky enough to meet Annie for dinner at Chicama near Union Square the summer of 2001. I just had a baby and any night out was a treat - even a "work" dinner. But this evening was truly enjoyable. It was great to speak with a woman my age about so many varied things. We drank mojitos. I learned of Annie's background - her love for her family, North Dakota and all her travels. In addition to being interesting, she was interested in everything.I left the dinner thinking how I wanted to know her better.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Nelson family. Your daughter was a gem and we were blessed by the opportunity to meet her.
Please know that Annie will always be in our hearts.
--- Melissa and Mark Schroeder