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Dear Gary, Jeanette, Scott, Eric,

Like so many others, my thoughts and prayers are with you and the extended Family of Ann...

While never far away, today's reflections and remembrances hit a little harder, cut a little deeper.

My youngest daughter, Maggie, 13, has asked me to share this wish with you.

As the tragedies of September 11 unfolded, she set about assembling a 4000 piece 3D foam puzzle
of lower Manhattan. A Christmas 2000 present she picked out for Santa Claus to "give" to Mom, the
enormity of the project had kept this puzzle project on the sideline.

By dinnertime on Sept 11, the bags of foam pieces were being dumped, sorted, and prepped. The kitchen
table was now our "ground zero" for the ensuing months, as Maggie and Lili methodically moved the project
forward in their free moments.

Pleasure, therapy, catharsis, education, tribute all rolled into one interactive project - while the puzzle-challenged
father/daughter duo of Howard and Katherine mostly kibitzed from a safe distance. Since its Thanksgiving
completion this clever puzzle has occupied its own pedestal in front of our dining room window.

Maggie hopes to find a meaningful and appropriate home for this project, and asked me to offer it first to the
Nelson Clan. Through her occasional visits to our floor at Dain Maggie has some fleeting memories of Ann.
Perhaps it might fit in the new MCHF project in Stanley!

Perhaps not. While the Spirit of this offer is genuine - the visual reminder of the two Trade Center buildings may
make acceptance difficult. Maggie certainly understands
this fact.

We will contact you directly at a more appropriate time, and I share this here in in celebration of Ann's Spirit and
of Maggie's thoughtfulness. If anyone wishes to suggest other appropriate destinations, please contact me directly.

We miss you Ann.

A friend, always,

Howard McMillan III