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I barely knew Ann, but recently found out that she was one of the 
victims of the terrorist attacks last year.  Tonight, I found this site, and have 
been reading and looking at pictures for about an hour now!  I'm so 

Four years ago, when I was living in Chicago and had just gotten a 
puppy, I met Ann in the park, where she was hanging out with a young Newman pup.  
My golden, Jake, and Newman were GREAT friends as pups...until Newman 
started growing at several times the speed that Jake was growing.  Eventually, 
as Newman towered over Jake, Jake decided he would prefer to play with 
dogs that weren't the size of a small bear! :)  I rarely saw Ann after 
that...and honestly barely knew here while the dogs were playing.  We all just 
knew each other by first names, if that (it was usually "Newman's mom" or 
"Jake's mom").  I always liked "Newman's mom" -- and never realized until now 
how much we had in common.

I hope this anniversary can somehow bring comfort to all of you.