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To Annie's Mom - Posted by Angela on Thu, 12 Sep 2002 15:38:15

I learned about Annie last year, right after September 11th. I had heard that Cantor Fitzgerald had been one of the hardest hit companies in the WTC and followed the news closely. I read about Annie in the NY Times and continue to feel such immense sorrow for what her family is going through.
I have a daughter- she's 10 years old. Janette, please know that although we have never met, I have thought about you every time someone mentions September 11th. I've cried for your loss and have given my little girl many extra hugs because I have a feeling you would want me to.
Your daughter was an incredible person- that has become obvious to me by reading the tributes from her friends and family. Surely, one of the reasons why she made such an impact was because she had you as her mom.
I am a single parent- it's a challenge sometimes to come up with enough energy to make it through my day.You have inspired me to be more patient, more loving and never to leave the house without telling my kids how much they mean to me.
I am sure this will not ease your pain but I wanted to let you know that Annie- and you- have made a big difference in my life.