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Making it real: September 11, 2003 from Cristy Siede

Gary, Jenette,friends and family of Ann:

Each time I think of 9/11, my first and strongest thought is of Ann and how she gave all of us, with her most precious gift,the devastating realism of what has touched thousands and thousands of family members and friends. She made it real and she made it personal. Please know that you are not alone and that Ann is in our minds and hearts always - we are forever changed because of that fateful day.
I worked with Ann at Dain (we took our Series 7 class together) and Gary was one of my clients when I worked with Craig Mueller. I still see her smile when I think of her and remember that she is easily the nicest soul in heaven. I proudly wear my red, white and blue today in her memory and your honor.
Thank you for your postings to her website. It has been so helpful for closure and keeping her memory alive.

The story about your visit to Ground Zero is so heart warming and wrenching all at the same time. May God comfort you with his peace each day.


Cristy Siede