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Thoughts of Ann

Tonight I will share a beer with Ann on my back deck and tell her about all that has gone on in the past year, although I'm sure she knows. We used to do this every Christmas, but now September 11th has become my day for a heart-to-heart, up all night, forget about everything else in the world talks. I still think of Ann a lot. It is sometimes the profile of someone I pass on the street, a song on the radio, a moment I would relish sharing with her, or a flag hanging in front of a house. Today as I drove down 25th St in Fargo I had decided I would try to get through this day without tears. About a block later, in front of a large church, was an entire boulevard covered with flags. Maybe next year will be that year.

Well, I better go because I'm late for my visit with Ann....but wait, that should make me right on time.

Gary and Janette, as always, you are in my thoughts and my prayers. Always know that there is someone else thinking about Ann somewhere each day and there always will be.