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I was Ann's roommate senior year at Wayland. She was a lot of fun to
live with. I was always on a diet, and Ann was really supportive. She gave
me a pair of her designer jeans and told me to use them as incentive to lose
the weight and fit into them one day. She was just that kind of person.
We never fought. We never got on each other's nerves. She was so smart
and pretty, and I loved her dearly. I was glad to have known her for the 2
years that I did. I was sorry that we lost touch after high school. I
never even knew that we were living in Chicago at the same time. It
was definitely my loss. I know she brought many people a lot of happiness.
That was just her way. I never saw her unhappy. I never saw her cry.
I never saw her talk bad about anyone. She could do no wrong. It was
almost like she was a saint. That's how good she was. The world has
definitely lost one of the good ones. I know she's looking down on us and doing
her good from a much better place now. That's...just...her...way.

Jessica Davis