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I don't know if you remember me, I was Commander of the Tioga American Legion when we had our memorial of 9-11 in 2002. I met Gary once in Stanley, and he and Jennette gave me one of the crosses made, along with the booklet on Anne.

I thought of them last week, knowing Anne's birth date, and Gary and I share the same day as well. I didn't write then, though I wanted to.... but I couldn't find the words on such a mixed blessing of a week. I often think of the family.... they just seem to pop in my head now and again, so I say a prayer to myself for them, and hold tightly to my St. Anthony medal I wear around my neck.

I can't imagine ..... and God I hope I never have to.... the pain and the anguish they endure on a daily basis. The more I read of Anne, and the list of her goals, I can see she was far too special for this world ! She was beyond remarkable.... she was beyond the perfect daughter.... she was beyond anyone I've ever seen. So, I guess God taking her home was her destiny..... to compare ourselves to her, was like comparing ourselves to the Ten Commandments.... something I thought God gave us to show us how weak we truly are...well compared to Anne.... we are so beneath her ! When I was confirmed I chose St. Ann as my Catholic name..... now I can see why.

So, on this week of what should have been one of celebration for them, I want to say I am thinking of you, and wishing with all of my heart that things had been different for them. I wish too, that the media would let that day not be so prevalent with pictures, and re living it ..... it breaks my heart when I see it, and it brings up all the hurt and wonder once again.... and the songs that are played about it, they hurt as well.
But please let them know.... we are here for them, and we do care, and we do hurt with them. May God Bless them each and every second of each and every day......and what a testament Anne was to the wonderful parenting skills Gary and Jennette have !

Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to share .....
Pat Eide