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I read about your daughter in the Cosmopolitan magazine and my heart and prayers go out to you and your family. I am a nursing student and currently work as a nursing assistant in an assisted living facility. One day while I was at work I came across this poem in a resident's room, anytime I am feeling down I try to read this. I hope that it will offer you some comfort.

When the trials of this life make you weary and your troubles seem to much to bear, there's a wonderful solace and comfort in the silent communion of prayer. When you've searched for the sun with out ceasing and the showers continue to fall, there's a heavenly lift in the wonderful gift that God has extended to all. From the magic power of preyer there comes power that will minimize your care, and you'll gather new hope, when you are ablt to cope with the troubles that once brought despair. So lift up your heart to the heavens. There's a loving and kind father there who offers release and comfort and peace in the silent communion of prayer.