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How has Ann inspired you?

Margaret Pergler is a Producer for the "Ellen DeGeneres" Show and is working with the Nelson family on an upcoming segment honoring Ann. Margaret is looking for individuals (family, friends, colleagues, strangers) who have been inspired by Ann's life list and who created their own list. Margaret is also looking for individuals who have accomplished an item or two from their life list.

This season Ellen is continuing and expanding a project she calls her "Life List." This project is an effort to inspire viewers to live each day to the fullest. Over the next year, we'll help some viewers accomplish their dreams and watch as viewers help each other experience new moments.

Margaret believes Ann's story and life list, plus her friends and families life list efforts will encourage others.

If you'd like to participate in the segment, please contact Margaret Pergler either by email or phone.

Margaret Pergler
The Ellen DeGeneres Show
818-260-5584 work
917-685-6218 cell

Many thanks!