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Dear Mr. and Mrs. Nelson,

Thank you so much for sharing your love of Ann with us. I just finished the article in Guideposts. She was such a loving person!! So many times, if a person is able to achieve a lot, they tend to get lost in 'stuff'. It is evident you gave her a good foundation, that she might fulfill her 'personhood' destiny. You have so much to be proud of - the good care and love you put into your child, which flowered into a beautiful woman.

I've gone through some loss myself--an abusive 17 year marriage, loss of my two children for six years because of leaving that situation, and still trying to build a new life eight years after leaving.

I appreciated how you told of just hanging on and pushing through the grief and loss. It seems, sometimes for very long periods of time, that is all we can do. I am so glad for you, that the time came for Ann's presence to be brought home to you.

God bless you both,

Cerise Barber