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Hello Jenette & Gary,

I have just read your story about your beautiful daughter Ann. Having no children, and therefore never will I lose one, I can only extend to you my most sincere appreciation for you sharing your story. The loss of a child I am told is harder than anything in life. Your daughter sounds like she was a talented delightful person as a child, and then in her older years, she brought much more joy into your lives. May God bless you in your memories, and I am very happy that you found the lap top computer to bring her back closer to you. I have recorded voice messages from my Mom and an Aunt, both deceased now, and I have to tell you what a comfort it is when their voice comes on line again every 100 days. They both seem right here, and I get great joy in that. Peace to you and your strengths. Continue to live with your Ann in her presence to you.

LaVerne, Fargo