Reaching across the miles: Sunday, April 6 2003 Dear Gary and Jenette,
I read the beautiful story about your daughter, Ann, in the Connections magazine from MSU. I graduated from Minot in 1971.
I am so terribly sorry for your loss. I was teaching at our High School on that horrific day when the Trade Center was hit. We collected many ofour students in a large room and watched it happen on t.v. Many of my colleagues had family and friends who worked there. One of my students, who was standing infront of me, went down on his knees when the first tower collapsed. He said, "My Grandpa works there, Mrs. Erwin." I held him in my arms and we both cried. He and I left school immediately so I could take him home.
As I read about your daughter, I felt your sadness and your loss. May it bring you comfort to know that many caring thoughts are with you. My home is North Dakota, too. I also left to "experience what the rest of the world had to offer." One day soon, I plan to return.

Karen Erwin
Saratoga Springs, New York