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Roger Branigin <RBRANIGI@zelle.com> wrote:


I did not know your daughter, and I almost feel that it is not my place to write to your memorial page for Ann because others obviously knew her well and loved her very much. I just wanted to tell you that I am a Carleton grad (1986) and can think of no better representative of everything that the college stands for than your daughter. The brightness with which she shone comes through in every photo, message, and story. We should all live so fully and freely as Ann did.

Those who knew and loved Ann will obviously never forget her. I just wanted you to know that even those of us who were not fortunate to know Ann will also not let her be forgotten. My wife and I still choke up when we think of the events of September 11. When we do, we remember the simple beauty inside each of the victims that was so senselessly destroyed - none more tragically than Ann's beauty. No words can console you, but I pray that you have found, or will find, peace.