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Jerald Meiers <cysciborg@earthlink.net> wrote:
Ann's story is not so different from those whom have risen from humble beginnings, to success.
As she was from a little village on the plains, and to have gone to school, gotten exceptional grades.
And then on to the career of her choosing.
To find herself, as it were, On top of the World.
For that is what it must have seemed to her, everyday.As she would arrive at the World Trade Center, towork.
To have stood at a window on the 104th. floor, and looked out across the New York sky line.
To remember the friends and family, which were so much a part of her life, back there on the prairie.
Then to have, one morning, the specter of evil. fly unto her, and so many others lives.
Now, we have her, as a fond and loving memory.
It is not so uncommon, in the little villages of North Dakota, that one feels as family to friend and neighbor.
This is what many felt toward Ann. As she was our little sister, or a not so distant cousin.
Now, we will always have a vision of her in our memories.
And will for decades to come, have a preyer for her. On our lips and hearts.
We will always miss you. And prey that you will dwell now, at the right hand of God.
With all our Love.

-- Jerald Meiers
--- cysciborg@earthlink.net