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Ann comes Home for Christmas
by Jenette Nelson, Annie’s Mom
December 8, 2001

All I want this Christmas is for Annie to come home.
She always made it back in time, although she loved to roam.
She knew there was no better place for her to ever be
than here among her loved ones, around the Christmas tree.
She loved to make things special for all the little tots
with candy canes and presents - and hugs and kisses lots.
One year a house of gingerbread she simply had to make
(I was a little leery and voted for a cake.)
But Annie was determined-her mind it was made up
She studied plans,bought kits, supplies were all laid up.
She set about this project with her characteristic zeal-
She couldn’t have worked harder
if the house she planned were real.

Then when the children came, she showed them all her stash-
Their eyes grew far brighter than if she had given them cash.
They made frosting snow and used it to glue their walls together.
Then they covered everything else- we had some frosting weather!
They made tiny evergreen trees with red hot candy lights.
Bags of colorful, frosty gumdrops disappeared from sight.
Busy , happy children for all our joy and pride,
Busy loving children with Annie as their guide.
Who can take your place this year ?
Who can make them smile?
Who can wipe away our tears?
Please come back my child!
She knew my birthday
was on the twenty-third-
she liked to make it home by then-
she always kept her word.
She only missed one Christmas
in thirty precious years-
And later when she called me,
her voice was filled with tears.
“You must promise Mom,
to bring me home each year.
I can’t be away at Christmas,
.I need my family near.
And so I gently promised that
no matter where she roamed,
I would track her down and find her
and always bring her home.

Now how do I keep my promise-
how do I keep my word?
The days are quickly flying by
soon it will be the twenty- third.
All I want this Christmas
is for Annie to be here.
No one else can take her place
or fill our hearts with cheer.
Then I hear the angels sing
a song from long ago-
a song about God’s children
in this world below.
This world is not our home they say-
we’re just a ‘traveling through.
Annie made it home for Christmas
and she is smiling down at you.

She will be with her family.
She will fill each heart with love.
She is the brightest Christmas angel
to be sent from God above.
You don’t need to find her-
to bring her home this year.
God helped you keep your promise,
and he will wipe away your tears.
He knows you love your Annie
and you want to keep her near .
Soon your travels will be over
and you can be with Annie here.
But until then- she’ll be ever at your side.
She ‘ll be your Christmas angel, your Teacher and your Guide.
She ‘ll be with you every day and on the twenty third.
God has brought her home for Christmas-
He never breaks His word.