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Life’s plan

To every life-there is a purpose-
For every life- there is a plan
That is made with God the Father
To refine the souls of Man.
For the Soul – it is eternal.
For the Soul will never die.
It makes its home in heaven.
It dwells with God on high.

But from time to time it visits
The earth where we are now.
It comes to do God’s bidding…
Before his will it seeks to bow.
For the soul learns many lessons,
As it lives in shells of clay.
When its tasks have been accomplished
The spirit simply flies away.

When it returns to heaven-
Its true and rightful home-
It does not forget its loved ones
Who still struggle down below.
It continues to assist them
And to guide them as they go.

For the war of Good and Evil
Has ever been with Man,
And each soul that He created
Will be a part of God’s great plan.
They will choose their weapons and their leader,
Until death has found its maker-
But it will be the small clay temple
That will fall into the dark.
The Soul will rise above it
And return once more to God,
Where it can pursue its chosen pathway
And aid those who battle on.

Some lives are short and joyful,
They leave behind much loving pain.
They are treasured for their sunshine-
The contrast they contribute
To the drizzle and the rain.
But they, too, must fight their battles-
Sometimes the greatest ones of all-
For their loss will spur their loved ones
To answer heaven’s call.

And so our dearest daughter,
As we stand at this place of rest-
We know that you’re beside us-your soul is truly blessed.

It is the small clay temple that today we lay to rest.
To us it is a treasure,
For it held what we loved best.
It helped us see and hold you
To love you as only humans can,
As we wait for the fulfillment
Of God’s great refining plan.

Yes, God’s plan is great-
Be it hard for us to see.
We must trust that he is with us-
That he guides our destiny.
He will heal our pain and sorrow.
He will reunite us all at last,
When the joy of our tomorrow
Obliterates the past.

He has freed our cherished loved one,
He has brought her spirit home,
But he does not leave us without comfort,

To weep- to drift- to roam.
We can feel her love and presence
As we talk to God above.
She can hear our supplications
And heal us with her love.

For she lives with God in heaven
And hears our every word.
She sends us love and comfort
Through the sun, the sky, the bird.
She sends us joy and healing
Through the butterfly so gold
She sends us her sweet blessings
Through songs and stories told.

We must lift our eyes to heaven
If we want to see her face.
For she lives with God in heaven,
A grand and wondrous place.
From there she loves and guides us-
Much better than before-
We must only change our focus
To enter heaven’s door.

She stands along beside us
As we gather here today.
Her heart does gently guide us
As we lay to rest the clay
Of the little shell and temple
That held her spirit while on earth,
But like the yellow butterfly
Her cocoon’s been left in birth.

She can fly and she can flutter-
She can be with us here at will.
She has conquered life and death.
No more can terror kill.

Her passing will be noted
By all the Sons of Man,
For it was written in the beginning
When she and God did write her plan.

To every life there is a purpose-
For every life there is a plan
That is made with God, the Father,
To refine the souls of Man.