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by Jenette Nelson
In memory of Ann Nicole Nelson
who transitioned
to the other side on 9-11-01
written 3-24-02

You never know what never means
until you lose a child-
It means forever you must do without
that touch- that hug-- that smile.
You canít pick up the telephone
to call and just say hi.
You must forever know that
your child has said good-bye.
They have gone away-to the other side
Never more to be with you
until you Ďve also died.

Never is a word of time-
it speaks of endless pain-
It makes the heart turn cold
as the ice does come from rain.
It is beyond the human mind
to know its full extent.
It is a word of sorrow-
It can all hope prevent.

But on the other side
they say that time stands still
They do not measure life by years-
but how we do the Fatherís will.
There they say that never is not a word at all
We will not fear its terror-
it cannot make us fall.

For there we will not lose our children-
or be parted from those we dearly love.
There will be no need for never,
when we return to God above.